Empowerment Coaching

Upgrading your Mind

You're here for a reason - maybe you're craving a real transformation, sensing that there's more to life than what you're currently experiencing.

I see it all the time with my clients - they come to me because they know they're capable of experiencing more. They're tired of just coasting along, settling for "okay" when they know deep down they deserve extraordinary.

Let's get real: overhauling your life isn't as simple as changing a flat tire. That's where empowerment coaching comes in. It's all about action, about tapping into your potential and making tangible, lasting changes using the power of your mind.

We're not dwelling on the past here. Instead, we're rewiring your thought patterns to propel you toward the future you've always dreamed of. Let's turn those aspirations into reality, together.


“Dean is an exceptional coach. With his help I have transformed my outlook on my career and wider life and the results have followed.

He brings a mix of skills to each issue and is not afraid to challenge outdated thinking. Most importantly he's helped me to change my own thinking, let go of old patterns and adjust my beliefs about the way things work. This has allowed me to release more of my own potential and who knows how far it might take me?” - Nick

1-2-1 Coaching

Think about this for a moment - across time, countless exceptional athletes, musicians, and entrepreneurs have found incredible support and guidance from mentors who helped them unlock their true potential on their unique paths towards their dreams.

My approach isn't just about adding a little extra to your life; it's about igniting a profound shift within you. Our sessions are aimed at giving you the clarity and guidance you need to consistently perform at your best.

I bring in powerful tools like Psych-K, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Hypnotherapy, and more to empower you to break free from those limiting beliefs and patterns that hold you back. Partnering with me means embarking on a journey to cultivate the mindset and behaviors that pave the way for lasting success and remarkable transformation across every aspect of your life.

*Sessions are done either online via Zoom or in person in the privacy of your home or office in London zones 1-4.

Single Session

1 Hour

6 Months Deep Dive Coaching

Or 1 payment of £11,000

12 Months Deep Dive Coaching

Or 1 payment of £20,000

Client Testimonials

"Prior to working with Dean, I had just been promoted to the position of Operations Manager within the company that I work for. During my first 6 months I was struggling with confidence and making the right decisions. By working with Dean, I am now feeling that I’m working at my full potential and I’ve been told by numerous people that they have seen an immense change in the way that I conduct myself inside and outside of work.

I would strongly recommend working with Dean to help with both work and home life.” - Harry

 "Dean came into my life at a time when I needed him the most. I feel very blessed to have had him in my life for a year now. His coaching and support have been invaluable to me during this year of great personal growth. He has helped me with the tools that I need to handle any situation in life, to always be able to choose how I experience anything and that I decide how I want to live my life." - Emma

“Dean helped me navigate through a challenging time in my life, by pushing me to look deeper within myself and transform what I saw as problems into opportunities for my own growth. I continue to work with him as I explore and strengthen my own relationship with self-love and how I respond to the ups and downs of life.” - Giada

“Dean has helped me connect much deeper with myself and has this way of knowing when to push me and when to help me practice acceptance and compassion with myself and others.

He continues to remind me that I’m number one in my life and has helped me get a clearer picture of what is important for me in my everyday life, and what goals I have for the future. I started working with him thinking I would only work with him for three months. Two and half years later I’m still working with him and he’s supported me through one of the toughest periods of my life.

Thank you, Dean, for helping me grow and for every moment of support. “- Viktoria

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