Relationship Readings


Relationships are a place to dive deep into our soul

Where we get to visit the dungeons and see what lurks in the cold

It’s also a place where love shines bright

To remind of us that we are powerful beings of light

But never forget the purpose of WE

It’s to learn and grow and become a better version of ME


My readings are for those that are looking to grow and develop mentally and spiritually. I am not focused on answering questions such as "will they come back to me" or "Does this person love me" If you are looking to know how you can be and attract someone who wants to be the best version of themselves, then I am exactly the right person for your reading. 

The only thing stopping, blocking or sabotaging your relationships is your self-worth. I will guide you in where you need to make changes mentally and spiritually to breakthrough whatever obstacles you have in your mind. I will then teach you how and what you need to do to achieve this.

All change starts with self. Blaming others is giving away your power. Taking ownership is self-empowerment

Sessions are videos call via Zoom and last 2o minutes and you do not pay until after your reading.

Message me below to arrange your reading. I am in the UK, so be aware of time differences. I only offer a max of 10 readings per week.



 "Dean came into my life at a time when I needed him the most. I feel very blessed to have had him in my life for a year now. His coaching and support have been invaluable to me during this year of great personal growth. He has helped me with the tools that I need to handle any situation in life, to always be able to choose how I experience anything and that I decide how I want to live my life." - Emma

"From my first interactions with Dean, it was clear that he has a true gift for seeing people. Dean has a natural way about him that made me feel at ease and helped me open up.  He was able to quickly, and accurately, identified the blocks getting in my way and provided some simple, yet powerful suggestions for moving past them.  Thanks, Dean for your support and generous heart!”  - Lisa

The Major Arcana - The Fools Journey Course

Whether you want better relationships, to be more successful or just live a more fulfilling life, then you need to remember, that we are each on journey of self discovery and growth. The game of life is about learning lessons at we navigate the ups and downs.  This 8 hour online course working with me, takes you a journey through the major arcana in the tarot deck to help you to understand your own personal past, present and future on your journey in life

The Fool’s Journey is the chronological structure which has been woven through the 22 Major Arcana cards to represent –

  • Important stages of our development and growth
  • Lessons which have a profound impact on us
  • Events and times that have the potential to completely change our path

Each course is via zoom and restricted to 12 people so as to ensure that everyone gets the most personal attention.  Cost is £100 per person.

Contact me below to be added to the list.

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